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Visitors bring us a scoop on pressure transducers

Visitors bring us a scoop on pressure transducers

We always like to have visitors, especially old friends. I met Rob Matthes more than 20 years ago when we both served on an NFPA electronics technical committee. Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Rob and Mark McDaniel, both of Transducers Direct, who stopped by to introduce a few editors to two new products.

Rob Matthes, left, and Mark McDaniel, of Transducers Direct.

Transducers Direct's newest brainchild is the TDWLB wireless Bluetooth pressure sensor. Rob, left, is holding the sensor, and Mark is holding a tablet showing the app that allows users to obtain pressure readings and trends from as much as 150 feet away from the equipment. This cool device looks like it will be huge for the refrigeration industry. Click here for details.

These gentlement also told us about Transducer Direct's TDEPD field-programmable pressure switch/transducer with LED display. What's special about this transducer is that its LED readout scroll across the entire circumference of the transducer body. So if you can see the transducer, you can reade pressure. What's more, the readout is color coded. Numbers are green if pressure is within a prescirbed range. They are red if pressure falls lies beyond upper or lower limits. This means you can immediately tell if there's a problem, even if you're not close enough to read actual numbers. Click here for details.

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