Field-programmable pressure switch with LED display

Field-programmable pressure switch with LED display

What makes the  TDEPD Series pressure switch different from other programmable electronic pressure switches is its 4-digit, bi-color LED display. Not only does the pressure reading scroll 360° around the circumference of the transducer, it is displayed in either red or green. Green inidcates that the pressure is within a prescribed range, and red indicates that pressure is out of range. This lets workers know immediately if pressure is excessively high or low without having to read values. The display can also be locked  in one location.

Switching points and hysteresis are field programmable. The TDEPD switch incorporates redundant sensing elements, allowing for notification that the sensor needs to be replaced should one of the sensing elements fail (maintenance mode), eliminating operational downtime. The switch/transducer comes standard with one digital output and optional analog output. It operates from 10.5 to 28 Vac, and is IP67 certified.
Other specifications include ¼-in. NPT, 7/16-20 UNF, or G ¼ pressure port; 250 mA max (PNP) or 200 mA max (NPN) digital output; optional field-selectable analog output to 10 Vdc or up to 20 mA; and pressure ranges to 10K psig.

Transducers Direct, (513) 583-9491,

Click here to download a PDF datasheet of this product.

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