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Making tough hydraulics even tougher

Making tough hydraulics even tougher

Case Construction provides extra protection for hydraulic hoses and cylinders.

Hydraulic systems are expected to perform in environments that would quickly render other forms of power transmission inoperable. But sometimes even the inherent ruggedness of hydraulics needs something extra.  Scrap yards, landfills, and some recycling centers often contain materials that can cut or abrade hose or damage piston rod surfaces.

Because of this high potential for damage, Case Construction Equipment, Racine, Wis., provides extra protection for key components of the hydraulic systems in its 621F and 721F wheel loaders for waste handling. Factory installed protective guards include metal-wrapped hydraulic hoses, lift cylinder tube guards, and front and rear articulation joint guards plus, the hydraulic oiler cooler is part of a mid-mounted module designed for working in concentrated dust and debris-laden work areas. The cooling module places five heat exchangers in a cubical configuration instead of the traditional overlapping. The result is fresh air to each heat exchanger and that clean air enters from above and sides, ensuring consistent fluid temperatures.

Click here for more information on the Case 621F and 721F waste handlers.

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