Coval's Easy Clean pump
The plastic and stainless-steel construction of the Easy Clean pump makes it well suited for point-of-use installation in applications undergoing frequent washdowns.

Vacuum Generator Stands Up to Washdown

Vacuum is widely used in food-processing, pharmaceutical, and packaging machines. Venturi-type vacuum generators have found favor in these applications because of their point-of-use convenience and higher efficiency than other methods. For these and similar applications that must undergo aggressive and frequent washdown, it becomes a challenge to place the vacuum generator near the point of use and protect it from the washdown process.

Coval Vacuum Technology Inc., Raleigh, N.C., offers a solution to this dilemma with its Easy Clean pump. The Easy Clean pump is part of Coval’s washdown range of vacuum components that meet the strict hygiene requirements of these industries and can be exposed to water and humidity and quickly disconnected.

The vacuum generators are designed with smooth surfaces and retention-free areas to prevent any risk of contamination. Because it made of plastic and stainless-steel materials, the Easy Clean pump’s components maintain high product hygiene. Each component is also designed for quick-and-easy assembly and disassembly to facilitate additional cleaning of equipment.

The venturi nozzle profile of the vacuum generator operates at 4 bar, thus optimizing performance and increasing the efficiency of the suction flow rate. Its compact and lightweight design allows the pump to be installed as close as possible to the suction cups in order to maintain high production rates.

Coval also offers a wide range of silicone suction cups compatible with FDA food standards and European directives. For more information, on Coval’s washdown range, visit

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