Trelleborg Embraces Digital Apps

Trelleborg Embraces Digital Apps

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions uses digital technology to support its polymer-engineered products with applications and online tools. Trelleborg apps are operational on PC, Android and iOS systems. The online tools have received one million downloads, and in response to their success, Trelleborg now employs a team of app developers in India to develop up-to-date practical programs.

Trelleborg currently has 11 digital tools available. Their apps include: ISO Fits, Hydraulic Cylinder, Mat. Compatibility, Aerospace Groove, O-Ring Selector, Converter, Technical Glossary, Installation, In the Groove, Shim Selector, Tubing and Hose.

Trelleborg also has 14 e-learning lessons with topics on O-rings, hydraulic seals, installing seals, and rotary seals. These lessons are in English, and feature animations and quizzes for interactive learning. The courses especially apply to those involved in the specification, purchasing and installation of seals.

For more information on Trelleborg Sealing Solutions digital services and access to the online tools and apps, click here.

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