Rotary Seal Handles High Speed, Under Pressure

Double-acting Turcon Roto Glyd Ring V seals accommodate high PV (pressure: velocity) value, allowing machines to run at high speed with high fluid pressure for extended service life. Reduced contact surfaces under all operating conditions significantly reduce friction and wear characteristics without compromising sealing performance. The seal also gives improved performance in oscillating conditions or where frequent changes in pressure and velocity occur. It runs with low frictional torque at all pressures from 0.5 MPa and above with low sensitivity to pressure increases from 0.5 to 20 MPa. An elastomer ring installed in the lubricating groove prevents static leakage through the ports. When pressurized from one or the other side, the elastomer ring opens the port on the pressure side and equalizes the pressure beneath the elastomer ring—pressure-balancing the seal by more than half. Shifting pressurization through the ports also improves lubrication under the seal.

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