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The new measuring couplings from VOSS Fluid offer a high degree of safety, easy assembly, and durability.

Preventive Maintenance Goes Soft

Voss Fluid's soft sealing of all fluid paths ensures leak-tight performance.

Regular fluid sampling and operational measurements are key to preventing malfunctions and failures in hydraulic systems. The more complicated a task, the less likely it will be performed, so providing quick and convenient methods of tapping into the hydraulic system helps ensure that regular preventive maintenance is conducted. The connectors, hoses, and other components must also be clean and leak-tight to prevent contaminating samples, fluid in the hydraulic circuit, and leaks and spills.

Voss Fluid GmbH, introduced a new range of test port and fluid sampling couplings to address this need. A key feature is a cap with a permanently elastic and tear-resistant plastic element that does not loosen, even when subjected to heavy vibration. In addition, the cap protects the port from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. The protective caps are available in blue, red, green, yellow, black, and custom colors to make the port locations easy to spot. They can also be used for color coding to confirm port locations

Tightness Significantly Increased

The soft sealing of all fluid paths ensures leak-tight performance. Metal components are zinc-nickel coated to resist corrosion. In addition to the test ports, Voss offers a large number of adapters and measuring hoses designed for repeated use. Extensive pressure loading has been conducted on the test ports, as well as influencing factors such as sludge deposits, UV radiation, corrosion, and high-pressure water spray.

For more information, contact Voss USA, Fort Wayne, Ind., at (260) 373-2277, or visit

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