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Modular Rod Bellows Protect Cylinders

Modular Rod Bellows Protect Cylinders

Barbieri Rubber's modular rod bellows come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate the most common rod diameters and nearly unlimited strokes.

Flexible bellows keep contaminants away from piston rods, which reduces potential damage to the rod’s surface and rod seals.

When dirt, grit, metal chips, water, and other potential contaminants impinge on exposed piston rods of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, these contaminants not only shorten the life of rod seals, but can also compromise the integrity of the rod’s surface finish. On top of that, the contaminants may work their way into hydraulic fluid and cause problems throughout the system.

For almost all applications where these conditions may exist, installing a protective rod bellows can make a big difference in rod and seal life. Problem is, piston rod bellows are generally either custom-made or available in only a few standard sizes.

Barbieri Rubber presents a practical alternative with a line of modular rod bellows. The components—end connectors, bellows sections, and intermediate connectors—come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate the most common rod diameters and nearly unlimited strokes.

Barbieri’s modular bellows are easy to install on virtually any cylinder. Components include end collars, bellows, and intermediate collars for joining two or more bellows to accommodate longer strokes.

Installation of the modular components is straightforward. Select the proper diameter of the connector cap and secure it to the rod end of the cylinder. Next, select the matching diameter of boot and secure it to the connector. Finally, select an end connector, attaching it to the rod end and bellows. For long strokes, an intermediate connector joins two lengths of bellows together. Two, three, or more bellows can be joined for longer rods and strokes.

The modules come in three connector collar sizes and bellows with lengths from 2.56 in. retracted to 15.75 in. extended. When combining two, three, or more bellows, lengths can extend to more than 45 in. End-cap connectors accommodate three ranges of inner diameters: 0.39 to 2.36 in., 0.39 to 3.15 in., and 118 to 4.57 in.

Click the above image to watch a short video showing how easy it is to install a Barbieri bellows onto a cylinder.
Components can be ordered in bulk or as ready-to-use kits. Standard materials include nitrile rubber or food-grade silicone. Optional materials include EPDM and HNBR rubber, high-temp silicone (300°F), Neoprene, and FKM (Viton).

For more information, call Barbieri Rubber SrL, Reggio Emilia, Italy, at +39 0522-550-433, email [email protected], or visit

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