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Read Up on Hydraulic Systems for Work Trucks

Read Up on Hydraulic Systems for Work Trucks

The seventh edition of Understanding Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Systems provides insights into the operation of truck-mounted and mobile hydraulic systems—what components make up the system, how they work, why they sometimes fail to perform as expected, and how to troubleshoot when malfunctions occur. The material addresses components, the entire system and its primary function, and the basic functions and terminology shared by all systems.

The 40-page book also discusses integrating hydraulics with the capabilities and limitations of the truck engine, transmission, and power take-off. Furthermore, it delves into proper installation techniques, especially the importance of using torque wrenches to apply proper torque evenly to avoid excessive stress and prevent leaks.

The publication also contains a full page of hydraulic and mechanical formulas to assist in determining system requirements and selecting proper components.

To order a free copy of Understanding Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Systems, visit or call (800) 367-7867.

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