Lightweight Underhood Compressor Eyes Ford F-250, 350 Trucks

Lightweight Underhood Compressor Eyes Ford F-250, 350 Trucks

Not only does the 30 rotary-screw air compressor weigh less, but it’s compact enough to mount in the engine compartment, freeing up cargo bed space.

Many work trucks use compressed air for powering tools, pumps, special implements, and other pneumatic equipment. In many cases, pneumatic power is supplied by a stand-alone compressor unit powered by a gas or diesel engine mounted behind the cab of the truck. Not only does this take up valuable cargo space, but can add roughly 350 lb to the vehicle’s gross weight—ultimately sacrificing fuel economy.

VMAC’s Underhood 30 air compressor (below) mounts in a work truck’s engine compartment (above), which reduces vehicle weight and increases cargo space compared to using a conventional, standalone compressor unit mounted in a vehicle’s cargo bed.

VMAC Global Technology Inc., Nanaimo, BC, Canada, offers an alternative that not only weighs a lot less, but also frees up space in a truck’s cargo bed. VMAC launched the Underhood 30 rotary-screw air compressor for 2017 Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks. It mates with Ford’s 6.2-l V8 gas engine and does not compromise the vehicle’s new truck warranty. Mike Pettigrew, VMAC’s marketing manager, says, “Out of 25,000 VMAC Underhood air compressors installed on work trucks worldwide, about 15,000 have been on Ford trucks. This launch follows the recent launches of the Underhood 30 for 2017 Ford Transit EcoBoost vans and the Underhood 70 for GMC’s 2017 Sierra Duramax diesel trucks.”

The Underhood 30 delivers 30 cfm of air at a 100% duty cycle and weighs 62 lb (32kg). Its compact, underhood design eliminates about 23 ft,3 of cargo space that otherwise would be taken up by a stand-alone compressor unit.

For more information on the VMAC Underhood air compressor, visit

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