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ToolReg pressure regulators

Point-of-Use Pressure Regulators Conserve Energy

ToolReg pressure regulators help meet OSHA and other safety agency requirements for 2 bar (30 psig) pressure widely used for compressed-air blow guns. They prevent energy waste that occurs when the pressure and flow at the point of use are higher than needed to achieve the desired function. An independent piston regulator automatically provides the exact pressure to pneumatic tools and blow guns with automatic secondary pressure relief when the tool is disconnected. Standard sizes include ¼-, 3/8-, ½- and ¾-in. NPT for source pressures from 30 to 120 psi. The regulators are self-relieving, so no residual pressure remains downstream once the tool has disconnected. Output pressure is preset at the factory and tamper proof. High pressure (up to 355 psig) and high flow (up to 105 scfm) versions available as option.

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