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Pneumatic Valve has Unconventional Design

Pneumatic Valve has Unconventional Design

AV03 pneumatic spool valve is half the size of standard valves, so it can be put closer to the actuator, thus shortening the flow path volume between the two. This in turn saves up to 20% of compressed air use while improving system responsiveness. It is as small as a credit card, featuring diagonally arranged valve elements that use every available angle, freeing up to 45% more space and decreasing turbulence because there are no edges. It is rated for operating pressures of 0.9 to 10 bar and temperatures from –10° to 60°C. It offers a 300 lpm maximum nominal flow rating.

Because it is constructed of high-performance polymers — housing is glass-fiber reinforced polyamide — and features fewer components, the AV03 is up to 50% lighter than conventional valve systems on the market. It uses soft sealing, and features acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, hydrated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber seals. The AV03’s design is very flexible, featuring modularity and easy assembly. Valve changes can be made with a single screw and double and triple base plates can be combined, allowing for configuration of any number of valves — user needs only add as many valves as the application requires. In addition, a multi-pole connection allows up to 36 valves to actuated in a single valve block. Tubing diameters and the exit direction of push-in fittings can be defined using the configurator or changed at a later date. The D-Sub connection is available in two exit directions — side and top.

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