Amatrol kit
Fluid power training kits from Amatrol Inc. help those new to fluid power develop proficiency in how pneumatic, hydraulic, and other industrial systems. Training kits can be geared to specific levels of learning and emphasize conecpts used in specific industries.

Pneumatic Training Kit Helps Teach Fluid Power

Many of those new to the fluid power workforce have little or no experience working with pneumatic or hydraulic technologies. Amatrol Inc., Jeffersonville, Ind., is out to change that. Starting with its Model 85-BP basic pneumatics training system, Amatrol helps companies and educational facilities introduce pneumatic principles through a combination of its multimedia curriculum with hands-on industrial pneumatic skill-building. Topics covered include:

  • pneumatic power systems,
  • basic pneumatic circuits,
  • principles of pneumatic pressure and flow,
  • pneumatic speed-control circuits,
  • circuit connections,
  • pneumatic symbols and schematics,
  • pressure and cylinder force,
  • pneumatic leverage,
  • air flow and resistance,
  • flow-control valves, and
  • air flow control and measurement.

The pneumatics training system includes cylinders, flow controls, directional control valves, an air motor, pressure gauges, manometer, and filters. Components are pre-mounted in an orderly, user-friendly design on stainless steel circuit panels with shadow labels that make it easy to identify and keep track of components—providing a durable, well-designed learning experience that will serve instructors and students for years.

More Than Hardware

The skills acquired by completing the basic pneumatics training system will prepare students for more-advanced concepts and pneumatic applications. To serve these needs, Amatrol also offers Intermediate Pneumatics (85-IP) and Advanced Pneumatics (85-AP) training systems within the same series. If instructors want to teach both pneumatics and hydraulics, the Basic Pneumatics kit can include an A-frame bench with one or two hydraulic manifolds. Amatrol also offers even more advanced trainers that incorporate sensors, PLCs, and other electronic controls, along with a variety of training stations for hydraulics, electrical drives, troubleshooting, and mechatronics, and combinations of these and other industrial systems.

Amatrol’s curriculum explains how basic pneumatic components are integrated into applications such as robots, construction equipment, and heavy-vehicle braking systems. Students will study pneumatic gauges, valves, cylinders, and motors, including schematic symbols for each component. This Basic Pneumatics curriculum is presented in an interactive multimedia format that combines text, audio, 3D illustrations, and interactive demonstrations to engage students as they build foundation in pneumatics.

For more information on these and other industrial training and instruction materials, call Amatrol at (800) 264-8285 or contact the company via e-mail.

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