Lockout valves

Lockout valves

The company is expanding its line of pneumatic lockout valves. The Standard LV Series now includes compact and high-flow versions. Lockouts are installed in pneumatic drop legs or individual pneumatic control lines and are used during maintenance of pneumatically operated equipment to help protect maintenance personnel by preventing a machine from engaging while it is being worked on.
The LV Series features port sizes from 3/8 to 1¼ in. and the compact version features ¼ and 3/8-in. sizes.  The high-flow LV Series features 1½ and 2-in. port sizes and is suited for higher flow applications. All versions operate in 40 to 175°F (4.4 to 79.4°C). The compact version handles 15 to 145-psi inlet pressures, while both the standard and high-flow versions handle 15 to 300-psi inlet pressures. All versions are in-line or surface mountable.
The new EZ Series meets the same standards as the LV Series but with the added feature of a soft start when opened. Upon opening, an adjustable needle valve controls pressure buildup rate. The valves feature 3/8 to 1¼-in. port sizes and handle 30 to 150-psi inlet pressures.
The new LVSS Series consists of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel versions of the LV Series.
An important new option for all of the valves is a visual indicator that verifies energy isolation by popping-up when the valve is open and air is flowing.
Parker Hannifin Corp., Pneumatic Div., 269.629.5000, www.parker.com/pneu/lockout

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