In-line flow controls

In-line flow controls

PQ-FV in-line flow controls use a tube-to-tube connection that can be installed as a meter-in or meter-out device. The PQ-C elbow controls are for lightweight applications when mounting directly to an NPT port on a cylinder or valve is required.
Intake air in meter-out versions flows freely through the flow control; exhaust air is metered out through an adjustment screw. With the meter-in style, air is metered in through an adjustment screw; exhaust air flows freely. Control is varied through a finely threaded adjustment screw.  A locking nut is provided so it can be secured in its final setting.
The controls are available in 25 different models: #10-32, ⅛, ¼, and ⅜-in. NPT.
Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc., (877) 245-6247,

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