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Pneumatics Guide cover

Free eBook Provides All the Basics

A comprehensive reference source on pneumatics technology is now at your disposal, and it’s free. AutomationDirect just released of a new guide in eBook format titled Pneumatics: A Practical Guide, which discusses a wide range of pneumatics topics including circuit symbols, component capability, integrating pneumatics with controls, and improving pneumatic efficiency. This eBook is intended for users who want to broaden their knowledge of pneumatic components, circuits, and systems.

Specific topics include:

Why Use Pneumatics,

Circuit Symbols Explained,

Pneumatic Air Preparation,

Pneumatic Tubing & Hose,

Pneumatic Fittings,

Air Cylinder Basics,

Pneumatic System Design Considerations, and more. 

Also included is a collection of pneumatic application summaries that demonstrate what other users are doing with pneumatic components.

The page for downloading the eBook also has several online links to useful technical information about pneumatics and a form to request a free Pneumatic Fittings Slide Chart. This slide chart makes it easy to select the right fitting from a wide selection of threaded pneumatic fittings by simply pointing the arrow at the fitting type and tube size – and reading the part number from the thread size window. English thread sizes are shown on the inside, metric types are on the back. The slide chart works offline (no internet connection required) and images help confirm the proper type.

Click here to download the eBook and view specific online topics about pneumatics technology.

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