Bottle-forming software

Bottle-Forming Software Uncorks Energy Savings, Advanced Controls

The new solution lets technicians control and adjust parameters for PET bottle formation during the blow molding process.

Thanks to proportional technology combined with intuitive software from Aventics, users can monitor and adjust parameters during the pre-molding process for polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) bottles. The online solution offers a convenient way for operators to save on materials and energy costs when making adjustments to complex PET bottle designs.

The technology is designed to address the demands for complex PET bottle shapes and smaller batches. Its proportional valve and control electronics respond to parameters programmed in the software as it records actual values during pre-molding processes. The software can compare values with programmed set points over blowing periods up to 200 milliseconds. Therefore, process technicians can manage individual control cycles and ensure optimal material usage during fine-tuned bottle formation.

The software developers validated numerous sample settings during the pilot production phase to meet the needs of PET bottle manufacturers. The result is software that can derive continual improvements from process data created during previous analyses. It can also produce quality documentation to safeguard and track processes, as well as perform trend analyses for wear detection. A condition-monitoring feature notifies maintenance personnel of imminent failures so that work can be carried out during planned maintenance breaks.

Parameters are able to be set for each blowing station in the machine, and the software can automatically control parameters like yield point and target bottle volume.  Saved parameters and set points for various jobs can be stored in the hardware or transmitted via real-time Ethernet protocols and fieldbuses. Additional energy-saving features allow technicians to lower pressure levels and furnace temperatures during the pre-molding process.

For more information, visit the Aventics booth S-5903 at Pack Expo, which is convening in Las Vegas from Sept. 23-25.

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