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Website offers accurate hydraulic component repair estimates

Website offers accurate hydraulic component repair estimates

Appeared in print as "Website offers accurate repair estimates"

The new website,, gives fluid power component users accurate price estimates for repairs in their region as well as listings of service providers in their area.
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A new website — — provides instant online estimates for pump/motor, rod and telescopic cylinder, and hose assembly repair. Owner and designer Jack Rupe launched the site at IFPE.

Rupe says users can choose from virtually thousands of service providers and hundreds of thousands of components. He started with pumps/ motors, cylinders and hose assemblies because he had worked in the field for about 30 years servicing those components, so knows them best.

The site is free for users and operates like a search engine. Users select their required components by choosing manufacturer, model number, and zip code, and the system generates a list of companies in that area that provides services on that component as well as typical repair price ranges. Ranges are given in low, median, and high, with descriptions of what those services mean.

A component photo is also included, so users can tell if they have searched for the right component and received the correct results.

The website houses a database of rates from service providers across the country. The cost of labor is different from region to region, so users can obtain an accurate labor rate for their particular region.

“Giving users realistic price expectations is one of the most important aspects of the site,” Rupe says. “With this software estimating solution, the hydraulic repair industry can standardize hydraulic component repair pricing and make this process efficient, reliable, and consistent.”

The results generated include both free and paid listings. They are weighted based on what components they offer and what people request.

Free listings simply include company name, address and phone number, while paid listings include a website, company/service description, a discount (if offered), and distance from the user. All companies are listed for free; companies can claim their listings and buy an enhanced listing with those add-ons, Rupe says.

Visit or contact Rupe at [email protected] or (760) 815-1620 for more details.