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Submitting product/press releases

Tips on submitting product releases

Details can make all the difference between a clear, concise press release and one that confuses the reader. Here are few suggestions from the editors on how to maximize your chances for coverage in Hydraulics & Pneumatics' New Products department:

What can this product do for the design (or fluid power) engineer?

Please be specific about your product's features and benefits. Avoid terms like "best," "new," "high-tech,"and "fastest." Instead, focus on quantifiable specifics. Please include pressures, speeds, and other pertinent measurements. Give us some suggested applications. We're not so concerned about what year your company was founded or if you have received ISO 9000 status. The New Products section focuses on the products or services offered, not company details.

Include the basics.

Make sure your company name, address, a telephone number for customer inquiries (as well as one for editorial contact), and your Website address appear on each release. Also, please label each photo or slide. (Ball point ink on the back of a standard photograph often bleeds through to the front, so be careful.) Finally, please date each press release.

Good artwork helps.

Images should show a product plainly and clearly, avoiding distractions such as a person's hand or text/captions. There should be sufficient background on all sides of the product; it doesn't need to be cropped extremely tightly, our artist can crop as appropriate.

Please note that we only accept electronic images that are at least 300 dpi in resolution, preferably 3"x3" or so ... it is easier to shrink to fit than to expand to fit (which reduces resolution). We can use jpg, tif, or eps formats, but cannot use images embedded in a Word or text document. We will also accept color or black-and-white prints, transparencies, or slides that are mailed to us

Be realistic.

We get many press releases each week. We do not track them, so kindly do not call to ask if we received a particular press release (or when we plan on running it). We examine all items and publish ones that we feel are appropriate to our readership. Please realize that there can be a 3-4 month lead time (or more), depending on the volume of releases we have in our backlog.

Send your Product press releases to:

1300 E. 9th St.
Cleveland, OH 44114

The same address may be used for Useful Literature releases, general news releases, calendar items, and feature article suggestions.