Software simplifies drawing of pneumatic, electrical circuit diagrams

FluidDraw Professional software features intuitive, userfriendly structures for producing pneumatic and electrical circuit diagrams.

FluidDraw Professional software from Festo Corp., Hauppauge, N.Y., enables planners and developers to draw integrated circuit plans quickly and cost-effectively. The intelligent software solution permits user-friendly creation of clear structures, even with complex systems, and now also supports electrical circuit diagrams.

FluidDraw Professional is based on the functions of FluidDrawS5, and supports all design stages, including the initial idea, planning and selection, system and machine design, and ordering. It makes drawing pneumatic and electrical circuit diagrams quick and intuitive.

The software makes it easy to plan complete systems and implement individual components and document and manage complex integrated circuit diagrams. Users can access the Festo product database and even import their own databases to create assembly drawings quickly. It links electric and pneumatic symbols wherever it can for integrated system documentation.

The software is embedded in the Festo Engineering Tools system, which supports users electronically. It automatically lists the electrical elements of pneumatic components, and continuously updates a contactor overview for relays and contacts, eliminating unintentional omission of continuity.

The integrated software offers the additional benefit of intelligently linking symbols and bill-of-materials items. Practical evaluation functions, such as terminal and cable plans and cable lists for electrical circuits, are also available. Finally, a floating navigation window provides a visual overview of the entire system.

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