So why visit our website?

Watch TV, and most commercials you see will urge you to visit the advertiser’s website. That’s not surprising, but lately I’ve seen ads that give you little information and implore you to visit the website for details. So rather than provide you with important information in a 60-sec commercial, these advertisers save money by running a 30-sec ad and expect you to invest your valuable time watching product pitches on their website.

So why visit our website? Yes, we do sell books and videos in our bookstore. But that’s only one page among thousands. Almost everything on our website is intended to provide you with useful information about fluid power components, systems, design techniques, and related information.

You might need to research information about pumps, valves, hoses, or other components. So we’ve organized information on components into Technology Zones. Or maybe you want to find information about fluid power systems used in mining, packaging, or construction equipment. We’re covered there, too, with our Industry Zones.

We also have two different databases for finding suppliers of components. Our Designer’s Guide presents companies and general specifications about their products, whereas our Fluid Power Directory lists manufacturers within hundreds of specific categories.

Perhaps the most useful tool is our search box, which returns results after you’ve entered a word or phrase.

If you do visit our website, you’ll find tons of information to further your knowledge about hydraulic and pneumatic systems. But you won’t find a great price on the Barack Obama
Chia Pet.

Alan Hitchcox
[email protected]