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Sauer-Danfoss earns certification for designing safe software

Sauer-Danfoss, Ames, Iowa, announced that it has become the first company to achieve TÜV-Nord certification of process quality, with Software PDLP development process, which simplifies functional safety software project management.

By providing a guided workflow, the Software PDLP process dramatically reduces time and cost associated with creating safe and certifiable software for mobile machines, enabling development teams to focus on technical solutions. The pre-certified structured process reduces waste by eliminating the need for repeated reviews of hundreds of pages of documents to follow different functional safety standards. It also reduces complexity by providing a starting point and guiding the user into the software-relevant aspects
of functional-safety-related

Sauer-Danfoss also announced three functional safety training modules, including Safety-Related Software Development (available in June 2013), Risk Assessment & Safety-Function Evaluation (available in July), and Functional Safety Fundamentals (available in September)

Marco Tacke, product manager for this project, indicated that more information will become available as the training draws closer. He also indicated that registration will be announced prior to when the first training is conducted. Click here for more information.

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