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Quiz on Chapter 9: Relief and Unloading Pressure Controls

1. Components in a fixed-volume pump circuit are protected from excess pressure by a : . .

  1. relief valve.
  2. counterbalance valve.
  3. reducing valve.

2. Direct acting relief valves have ___________ response time than a pilot-operated relief valve.

  1. slower
  2. the same
  3. faster

3. Pilot-operated relief valves have ___________ pressure override as a direct-acting relief valve.

  1. more
  2. less
  3. the same

4. Solenoid-operated relief valves can be made from:

  1. direct acting relief valves.
  2. pilot operated relief valves.
  3. either type relief valve.

5. A vent port is found on:

  1. pilot-operated relief valves.
  2. direct-acting relief valves.
  3. either type relief valve.

6. Solenoidoperated relief valves can be used:

  1. on the case drain of a pump.
  2. on the tank line of a pump.
  3. to unload the pressure port of a pump.

7. Unloading valves are commonly found in:

  1. pressure-compensated pump circuits.
  2. hydraulic motor circuits.
  3. hi-lo pump circuits.

8. An unloading valve is set for higher pressure than the relief valve in a hi-lo pump circuit.

  1. True
  2. False

9. Unloading valves are different from relief valves because they:

  1. are externally piloted.
  2. do not control pressure.
  3. Are normally open.

10. Using a hi-lo pump circuit:

  1. requires less horsepower.
  2. requires more horsepower.
  3. requires about the same horsepower.