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Quiz on Chapter 18: Miscellaneous Fluid Power Items

1. Quick exhaust valves allow:

  1. air to exit the cylinder rapidly
  2. oil to exit the cylinder rapidly
  3. both of the above

2. A quick exhaust valve is always mounted:

  1. close to the directional valve port
  2. at the directional valves inlet port
  3. close to the cylinder port

3. Speed control mufflers only work as:

  1. meter out flow controls
  2. meter in flow controls
  3. bleed-off flow controls

4. A pressure gauge reading PSIA shows:

  1. only positive pressure
  2. only negative pressure
  3. both positive and negative pressure

5. This is a symbol for a:

  1. temperature gauge
  2. pressure gauge
  3. flow meter

6. Flow meters can measure flow in:

  1. MPH
  2. RPM
  3. CFM

7. Shuttle valves allow flow in.

  1. one direction only
  2. both directions
  3. either direction after reaching set pressure

8. Rotary unions can pass:

  1. air only
  2. air and oil
  3. air, oil and electrical

9. Quick disconnects for air circuits:

  1. block flow from both lines
  2. block flow from the machine side only
  3. block flow from the supply side only

10. A pressure switch indicates an actuator:

  1. has completed its stroke
  2. is half way through its stroke
  3. has built pressure no matter the position