Quiz on Chapter 11: Slip-in Cartridge Valves (Logic Valves)

1. Slip-in cartridge valves are:

  1. 2-way normally open
  2. 2-way normally closed
  3. 3-way pilot-operated

2. Slip-in cartridge valves have___________ response than/as a spool valve.

  1. slower
  2. the same
  3. faster

3. It takes ___________ slip-in cartridge valves to operate a double-acting cylinder.

  1. two
  2. three
  3. four

4. To control the speed of an actuator powered by slip-in cartridge valves, use a:

  1. reducing valve
  2. flow-control valve
  3. poppet stroke limiter

5. Load-induced pressure can hold a running away load in place by using a cover with a:

  1. shuttle valve
  2. pilot-operated check valve
  3. stroke limiter

6. A slip-in cartridge 4-way valve can be set up as:

  1. two different center conditions
  2. three different center conditions
  3. four different center conditions

7. A slip-in cartridge relief valve uses a:

  1. 1:2 area-ratio poppet
  2. 1:1.1 area-ratio poppet
  3. 1:1 area-ratio poppet

8. Slip-in cartridge valves with working pressure at either port must always have pilot pressure on the poppet to stay closed.

  1. True
  2. False

9. A slip-in cartridge relief valve operates the same as:

  1. a pilot-operated poppet relief valve
  2. a pilot-operated balanced piston relief valve
  3. a direct-acting relief valve

10. Unloading valves are different from relief valves because they:

  1. are externally piloted
  2. do not control pressure
  3. are normally open