Quick turns with servo pneumatics

Combining pneumatics and electronic control provides quick and precise speeds and load capacities.

The servo pneumatic swivel module DSMI-B offers many advantages, including rapid and virtually vibration-free swivel movements.

When moving a load requires absolute precision, servopneumatics can be the best choice. One such example is the DSMI-B servo pneumatic swivel module, which rotates 180° in just 0.5 sec. Introduced by Festo Corp., Hauppauge, N.Y., this new generation in electronically controlled pneumatic actuation combines the best features of both pneumatics and electronic control in terms of speed, load capacity, precision, and low cost.

Compared to standard pneumatics, servopneumatic solutions are up to 30% faster and use up to 30% less air. Servopneumatic drives can also be freely positioned, making them up to 50% more economical than electrical solutions, as well as being more compact, light, and sturdy.

Simple design

The DSMI-B offers flexible solutions for a wide range of handling tasks in combination with Festo’s CPX electrical terminal. The CPX is a modular automation platform for valves and electrical control. Functions such as PLC control, electrical I/O, and pneumatics control and positioning can be integrated into the CPX for an all-in-one platform for machine OEMs.

Servo pneumatics integrated into CPX with the positioning module CMAX and the end-position controller CMPX contribute to a reduction in installation effort.

The DSMI-B provides rapid rotary and swivel movements at angles to 270°. Festo’s CMPX electronic end-position controller, a module that connects to the CPX, gently brakes the swivel drive at its end positions, even at very high speed. Thus, the DSMI-B eliminates the need for shock absorbers on swivel modules, reducing purchasing, operational, and maintenance costs. With this soft stop function, loads of up to 300 kg can be moved dynamically. The soft stop function also reduces cycle times by around 30%, reduces noise, and permits virtually vibration-free movement to the mechanical end positions. The system can also be used to perform movements to two additional, user-definable intermediate positions without a fixed stop. The semi-rotary vane drive is designed for mass moments of inertia of up to 2050.3 lb-in.2

Freely positioned

The DSMI-B is not limited to soft stopping; free positioning can also be achieved. To do so, the DSMI-B swivel module is combined with Festo’s CMAX servopneumatic positioning module. The CMAX is another intelligent module that connects to the CPX terminal and provides simple servo control of pneumatic drives. Free positioning with servopneumatics is particularly beneficial when the load to be moved typically exceeds 22 lb. Using the CMAX, drives can be positioned precisely to within 0.008 in. Their force can also be controlled accurately to 5%.

The DSMI-B demonstrated its prowess in a laboratory ball-throwing test. A ball held in the swivel arm of the DSMI-B was catapulted upward in an even curve using a short stroke cylinder. As the ball traveled through the air, the arm swiveled 180° in just 0.5 sec, braked without vibrating, and caught the ball.

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