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Production crimping

Production crimping

The Tubomatic V340 ES and Tubomatic V300 ES crimping machines crimp up to 3-in. six-spiral hydraulic flexible hoses and up to 10-in. industrial hoses with up to 350-mm maximum crimping diameter. The V340ES weighs 7,000 kg and has a crimping force of 830 tons using an 11-kW motor; the V300ES weighs 6,113 kg and a crimping force of 660 tons using a 7.5-kW motor. The machine’s feature a self-lubricating die-holder system; silent pump; rear stop switch; and touchscreen electronic control. Options include pressure-controlled swaging; a pressure speed-control system designed for volume crimping of very-high pressure hoses that require a very slow crimping speed for maximum hose safety; and a USB port for pen-drive connection for data storage from ES3 to PC., +39 030 3580401,

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