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Pneumatics lends a hand in assembly

Air cylinder helps torque arm move heavy tools in the assembly process.

ASG’s pneumatic operated torque arm
ASG’s pneumaticoperated torque arm provides smooth motion in both up and down and side-to side motion.

High torque can often lead to operator fatigue and injury in assembly processes, so any assistance to an operator is crucial. That’s why a new heavyduty torque arm from ASG, a division of Jergens Inc., Cleveland, features a pneumatic cylinder to assist movement of heavier tools. Torque arms improve production efficiencies and product quality by limiting the operator’s influence on the assembly process and reducing operator fatigue.

Additionally, the new torque arms securely maintain tool location while allowing easy, smooth movement of assembly tools in both up-down motion and 180º side-to-side motion. The arms also help absorb torque to reduce the potential for operator injury to arm, wrist, or hand.

The torque arm accommodates both inline pneumatic and inline electric drivers with maximum weights of 15 lb and maximum torques of up to 110 lb-in. It mounts easily to bench tops via bolts or an optional bench clamp that eliminates hole drilling. The end-of- arm tool holder allows the operator a full grip of the driver with no pinch points. A dial regulator provides easy adjustment of resistance for perfect balance.

For more information, call ASG at (216)-486-6163 or visit www.asg-jergens.