Pneumatics gives platforms a lift

Employees who work in elevated positions for assembly and manufacturing jobs require safe and secure platforms to hold themselves and their tools. That’s where Herkules Equipment Corp., Walled Lake, Mich., comes in. The company manufactures an extensive line of standard and custom human lifts to position workers at an optimum height for assembly and manufacturing operations. From small personnel lifts to long adjustable scissor lift platforms, Herkules designs and builds operator positioners to meet the exact needs for efficient and productive workflow.platform lift

Herkules’ V0592 Operator Lift offers a capacity up to 2000 lb and can be raised up to 30 in. Its line feed is rated for 80 to 120 psi and 2.08 scfm.

The company’s operator lifts offer an extremely low profile — just 4.25 in. closed — providing maximum flexibility. With this low profile, systems can be surface mounted, which is less costly than having to mount them in a pit. Installation is as easy as connecting the lift of the plant’s air supply line. Or the lift can be installed on a rail system to roll with the assembly line for optimum productivity.

Scissor lifts can be customized with a variety of different features that will add to a healthier and more productive work environment by eliminating on-the-job work injuries from over reaching or bending incorrectly.

Herkules’ pneumatic lift systems are virtually maintenance-free, with no fluids, cylinders, or dynamic seals to replace. Herkules’ Air Bag technology provides a direct one-to-one lift ratio, eliminating stress on the scissors and minimizing wear and maintenance. The lifting motion is smooth and stable, and the heavy-duty air bags are built to operate in a wide variety of industrial environments.

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