PLCopen launches fluid power initiative

Edited by Mary C. Gannon

PLCopen motion conrol

PLCopen is launching a new initiative in its motion control working group to extend specifications to fluid power. The kick-off meeting will be held June 23 in Frankfurt, Germany.

PLCopen is a non-profit industry organization dedicated to improving the programming efficiency of control and automation engineer s by providing information, training, and fostering communications between users, vendors, educators and others. The initiative’s primary goal will be to “optimize programming and integration of fluid power devices and systems by defining function blocks employing PLCopen standardization and modular methodology.”

A five-step process will be used to determine the basic function blocks:
1. Review current V1.0 Motion Function Blocks
2. Identify those usable by fluid power in current form
3. Define fluid power extensions to current format needed to make remainder usable
4. Identify additional base functionality unique to fluid power
5. Define Function Blocks unique to fluid power

The primary goal is to normalize restrictions to market response and provide system integrators with options to apply the best technology to a given problem without regard to specific technology constructs. Standardized interfaces will allow cross-pollination from electrical and fluid power resource pools and drive best of breed solution configuration.

The organization hopes to evaluate all current function blocks in the first two months of the initiative, obtain proposals for extensions within six months, and have its first proposal within one year.

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