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Pining away for a lead

Looking for sources of products, services, and information on the internet has been second nature for most of us. And most of us bookmark or otherwise save web pages that are particularly interesting or especially useful. The next level of involvement would be to submit your e-mail address or other contact information in order to register for e-mail updates or newsletters.

Alan Hitchcox editor [email protected]

This is all fine when you have an idea of what you’re looking for or want information on a certain topic. But what if a company offers something you want, but you don’t even know such a thing exists? This is where multi-media communication proves its value, as I learned just after attending the 40-year reunion of my high school graduating class a couple weeks ago.

I had a great time at the reunion, and one of the topics of discussion was the food at Shore Jr. High School. I brought up how I hadn’t had a Pine Bros. cough drop since before we graduated. We bought Pine Bros. drops in the school bookstore, and I always thought they were more candy than cough drop. Their consistency was somewhere between a gum drop and hard candy, which was their appeal.

Some of us had even searched the internet recently for sources of Pine Bros. drops, but to no avail. A day or two later, I was watching TV and saw a commercial announcing that Pine Bros. drops are back. Not only that, I could get them at my local CVS drug store, which I did. And except for the packaging, they are just as I remember them.

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