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New technical standards

New technical documents have recently been published and are now available from the NFPA:

New technical documents have recently been published and are now available from the NFPA:

NFPA/T2.25.1 R2-2003, Pneumatic fluid power — Systems standard for industrial machinery — Supplement to ISO 4414:1998 — Pneumatic fluid power — General rules for systems. This standard provides general rules relating to pneumatic systems used in industrial manufacturing processes. It is intended as a guide for both suppliers and purchasers, with a view to ensuring safety, uninterrupted system operation, ease and economy of maintenance, and long system life.

NFPA/T3.5.29 R1-2003, Fluid power systems and components — Electrically controlled industrial valves — Interface dimensions for electrical connectors. This standard includes interface dimensions and configurations for electrical plug-type connectors (not intended for current interruption) used with a single or double electrically controlled fluid power control valve used in industrial (in-plant) applications.

ISO 15552:2004, Pneumatic fluid power — Cylinders with detachable mountings, 1,000 kPa (10 bar) series, bores from 32 to 320 mm — Basic, mounting, and accessories dimensions. This International Standard establishes a metric series of basic, mounting, and accessories dimensions as required for interchangeability of single-or double-rod pneumatic cylinders, with or without provision for magnetic sensors, for a maximum rated pressure of 1,000 kPa (10 bar). It is applicable to pneumatic cylinders with detachable mountings.

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