New software version has more power, more symbols

Boosting productivity is one of the biggest assets of Automation-Studio. "A project that would have taken me six or seven hours now takes me only two or three hours," said Bill Price, electrical and hydraulic designer for Morbark, Winn, Mich..

Automation Studio simplifies and manages system design, simulation, and documentation for fluid power and electrical projects, enabling designers to reduce errors, accelerate development, and optimize the entire workflow, from system design, to maintenance, service, and training. The software offers user-friendly design features, advanced engineering capabilities, a realistic animated simulation, and flexible documentation tools — all in a single environment.

Realistic dynamic simulation allows users to validate design integrity prior to machine implementation. Scenarios can be created as a function of time, position, or force due to devices such as joysticks, steering wheels, PID controllers, or measuring devices.

The newest version of Automation Studio, 5.4, contains symbol libraries with vendor specific components to shorten the design process. For example, libraries include Parker P2, P3, and other product series, Bosch Rexroth A4VG, A10VO, and A6VM series, plus components from Kawasaki, Sauer Danfoss, and Hydraforce.

The integration of a spool-position designer and a pump builder shorten the design process by allowing users to create a schematic implementation of any valve's internal function. Users can also create complete pumps with their corresponding controls and characteristics.

Extensive symbols libraries include complete range of major manufacturers' components, so circuits can be created simply by dragging and dropping symbols onto a workspace.

Other features allow creating control panels or simulating systems while monitoring a 2-D reproduction of a machine moving accordingly. Advanced simulation capabilities establish close correlation between diagrams and real circuits. Each component has its own simulation models, and becomes color-animated according to its state. This feature facilitates testing and validation of design integrity. Simulations consider a wide variety of parameters and apply to entire circuits of virtually any size. Therefore, it is easy for system designers to evaluate, analyze, and modify their designs.

Automation Studio capabilities also serve other departments such as maintenance, service, and training, which can rely on Automation Studio simulation and documentation capabilities to reduce downtime and troubleshooting time, to test what if scenarios, and to create more flexible training material at nearly no additional cost.

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