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Multimedia learning is coming

Alan Hitchcox

We’re always looking for ways to make all facets of Hydraulics & Pneumatics more useful — whether it be our flagship print and digital magazines, website, e-books, e-newsletters, or whatever.

If you’ve been to our website, you’ve probably noticed that we regularly post videos and links to videos. We also offer textbooks for sale and free e-books to help you round out or advance your knowledge of fluid power. So the next logical progression would be to combine technical training with online video — which is just what we’re planning on doing.

We’ve partnered with CFC-Solar Inc., of Fairfield, Ohio, to begin offering e-learning modules that cover basics of fluid power, closed-loop electrohydraulic control, and everything in between.

My first meeting with CFC-Solar was through a live, online video feed to learn of their capabilities. Naturally, they had multiple cameras at different orientations, macro lenses for showing extreme closeups of components, and animation. But they also have green screens so they can interact and mark up or highlight objects or graphics being displayed.

If you’re like me, dynamic learning is preferable to reading a textbook. But even video and other dynamic learning is best taken in small doses, which is what we’ll be offering. So you could look for the launch of our on-line learning event early next year, but I’m sure you won’t have to look hard because we plan on making it a big deal.

Alan Hitchcox
[email protected]