More news is big news

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably noticed our new look by now. Our content is still the same, but we have a new logo and use colors and organization that mimic other publications within our business group. The biggest change is to our news section.

News has never been a big deal for us because, unlike Justin Bieber, fluid power technology rarely makes headlines. Plus, our readership is segmented. So a reader who designs skid-steer loaders or flying cutoff drives would have different news interests from someone who designs packaging machines or medical equipment. But the one thing they all have in common is a desire to learn more ways of harnessing the many benefits of fluid power technology. To do this, we always try to present material that shares ideas to help make readers’ jobs easier. So someone who designs pile drivers might be able to implement an idea he or she read in an article about punch presses.

News is a bit different, though. The primary function of news is to keep readers informed, so we generally try to provide information that will appeal to the majority of readers. And starting this month, we’re taking it a step further by including an interesting graphic on our opening page of news. The image will usually show something really big, very powerful, or equally impressive for some other reason. No, it probably won’t help you do you job any better; rather, it’s meant to celebrate the impressive capabilities of fluid power technology.

Another change is that we moved our literature and website notices to the news section. So considering the expanded news, new logo, moving a few things around, and incorporating all new fonts, this has been the biggest redesign I’ve seen in my 26 years on the magazine. We hope you like it.


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