It's all right here in Hannover

Fluid power returns in full force to the Hannover Fair in 2005. Here's a preview of the whos, whats, wheres, and whens.

Fluid power returns in full force to the Hannover Fair in 2005. Here's a preview of the whos, whats, wheres, and whens.

A walk in the park — Thousands will attend the Hannover Fair , April 11 - 15, to learn of the latest innovations in fluid power and other important technologies.

Most fluid power exhibitors are located in the Motion, Drive and Automation halls. However, some have primary or additional booths in the Factory Automation halls.

Whether your interest lies with industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, or pneumatics, as shown above, you'll find the latest in fluid power technology from around the world among 1300 exhibitors in Hannover's Motion, Drive and Automation section.

Germany is known for its festivals, especially Oktoberfest. And while the atmosphere at the Hannover Fair may not be quite as festive, it certainly is more than a very big trade show. Visitors and exhibitors will be treated to German hospitality, culture, and, of course, food and drink.

More than 100,000 people are expected to converge on Hannover to take part in the latest innovations of the industrialized world. This year, a big part of those innovations involve fluid hydraulic and pneumatic technologies and their control.

The fairgrounds at Hannover, called the Messegelande, consist of 25 enclosed exhibit halls, any one of which could contain a single trade show within its walls. But as if that's not enough, two open-air sites, plus several outdoor exhibits also occupy the Messegelande.

All this real estate is needed because the Hannover Fair consists of multiple shows within the show — 11, to be exact.

A focus on power and control
Of these 11 shows, or themes, our coverage focuses on Hannover's Motion, Drive & Automation sector. This is the world's largest event for power transmission, fluid power, and control. Officials have lined up 1300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries that will combine for 55,00 sq-m of display area. More than 75,000 visitors are expected.

In addition, a special display will highlight condition monitoring, which will feature innovative approaches to remote fault diagnosis and maintenance. Another special display will focus on water hydraulics, which offers optimum power-to-weight ratio, compact size, and low energy consumption. Major players in this technology will showcase a dozen or more application solutions using water hydraulics in Hall 24.

Plus, a "Spotlight on Robotics" will enable visitors to view the latest automation systems live and in action in Hall 17. A special presentation, "Automation Live," will highlight new ways of networking manufacturers and suppliers. This will be augmented by a "Robotics Application Center," which will present industrial and service robots designed for new applications in logistics, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

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Other themed areas of the Hannover Fair include:

  • Factory Automation,
  • Interkama (process automation),
  • The Digital Factory (integrated processes and IT solutions),
  • Microtechnology (applied microsystems and nanotechnology),
  • Energy (energy technology,
  • renewable energy, and energy management),
  • ComVac (compressed air and vacuum technologies),
  • Surface Technology & Powder Coating,
  • Subcontracting (subcontracting services and materials for mechanical engineering, automotive, and plant engineering), and
  • Industrial Services and Equipment.

Show dates, hours
The Hannover Fair will be open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM April 11 through 15. Advance tickets are 9 Euro for a one-day pass, and 44 Euro for five days. Prices at the door are 24 and 53 Euro, respectively. Advance tickets are available in the U. S. from Hannover Fairs USA, Princeton, N. J. at 609/ 987- 1202 or from the Los Angeles office at 310/410-9191. Information is also available at the website,

The main website for the Hannover Fair is at www.hannover In addition to information about exhibitors, products, themes, and facilities, it also contains information and tips about travel accommodations, dining, and entertainment.