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Innovative Trap-Seal™ Improves Seal Reliability

Parker Hannifin Corporation's Tube Fittings Division has launched the Trap-Seal™-a trapezoidal-shaped O-ring that provides improved seal reliability by virtually eliminating the possibility of the O-ring popping out of the O-ring face seal (ORFS) groove. The patent-pending innovation gives Parker Seal-Lok™ fittings a significant performance advantage over competing brands.

Unlike the standard round-shaped O-rings that rely on the O-ring being pinched by the groove retaining lip for seal retention, the Trap-Seal is designed to stay securely lodged under the ORFS groove lip. Trap-Seal's unique trapezoidal design provides consistently positive retention in the groove and creates a larger overlap between the groove lip and the trapezoidal seal for increased retention. This improved reliability reduces potential problems of costly leakage and/or time-consuming pre-assembly handling.

Trap-Seal is interchangeable with the standard O-ring used in half-dovetail grooves, making seal replacement in the field quick and easy. Trap-Seal's improved reliability also will help reduce the need to repeatedly replace or reinstall O-rings that are missing, damaged or not properly seated in the groove.

The Trap-Seal Advantage:

  • Greater seal retention
  • Reduced risk of seal damage and leakage
  • Smoother pre-assembly process
  • Interchangeable with O-rings in standard SAE J1453 half-dovetail groove
  • Provides same material and hardness as Parker's standard O-ring (90 Durometer Nitrile)

More Information:
Parker Hannifin, Tube Fittings Division