India loves Hydraulics & Pneumatics

If you Google Hydraulics & Pneumatics, there is an 8.8% chance that you are using Google India. In fact, after the United States, engineers in India are the second largest group of users. One reason why, I think, is because English is so widely spoken and read in India. English is a second language in most industrialized countries, but’s it’s the primary business language in India.

A long-term goal for our website was to have it become the most popular fluid power portal available to technical people in search of useful fluid power information. Our site combines the content from this magazine with a wealth of product tutorials that has been gathered over many years in this business.

One of the reasons why Hydraulics & Pneumatics has a global appeal is because fluid power technology is required on every continent and on a wide variety of applications. For decades, we have claimed that hydraulics is the muscle that moves industry. Pneumatics provides the speed, force, and repeatability needed for many industrial automation functions and commercial applications.

That same muscle and control is used and needed around the world. The issues facing a farmer in Iowa that are solved by the hydraulics on his tractor are common to the farmer in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The same pneumatic solutions that work in Stamford, Conn. will work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They require the same solutions, and Hydraulics & Pneumatics and supply that information on a very reliable basis.

This is why we are evolving and continuing to grow as an international force. The internet makes our useful content available around the globe, and we can deliver this issue anywhere in the world where someone has a computer. Our digital issue has great functionality for easy use in reading and studying articles, reviewing new products, and learning from manufacturers’ advertising.

We will soon post an announcement on our website inviting international visitors who qualify to apply for free digital subscriptions to our magazine. Doing so will allow them to receive our magazine every month on their computer or portable digital device. For our international audience, our digital issue will compliment the information now being accessed on our website.

In addition to our digital issue, the content of this issue will be archived on for easy search access just as soon as this issue hits the mail. Whether a user is seeking information on a double-acting cylinder or a quick-acting coupling, it can be found here and on our site. This is true in the United States and anywhere that fluid power is spoken.

These are exciting times in this the Information Age. We at Hydraulics & Pneumatics are thrilled to be a part of it and pledge to continue delivering the best and most useful fluid power information possible by any means that our dedicated readers want to receive it.

Michael Ference
[email protected]