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Fluid Power Expo a success

John Balliet, of Fluid Systems Service Corp., offers advice on selecting the right reservoir, pump, motor, and accessories to achieve proper pressure and flow in hydraulic systems, during one of 16 educational seminars at the Fluid Power Expo in Cleveland.

The first annual Fluid Power Expo, held in Cleveland on November 8 and 9, registered more than 400 attendees, who participated in 16 educational seminars and a trade show with 32 of fluid power's most renowned companies.

Highlights included educational presentations by fluid power experts, such as Jack L. Johnson, P.E., of IDAS Engineering, East Troy, Wis., and John C. Balliet, of Fluid Systems Service Corp., Cleveland.

Congratulations go out to Joe Lisowski, an application engineer at KD Supply, Rochester, N.Y., and Wesley Warren, an engineer at Halliburton Energy Services Technology Center, Duncan, Okla. Both men were selected as winners of an iPod for completing surveys of the seminars.

The Expo will be repeated in the fall of 2006. Look for more information, including dates and location, in future issues of H&P.