Efficiency Is Highlight Of Refrigerated Air Dryers

Donaldson's DVF dryer features flow rates from 800 to 2000 scfm.

Line of cycling refrigerated compressed air dryers from Donaldson Co., Minneapolis, provides energy-efficient operation in a flexible design. Their use of intelligent logic control along with high-tech components allow them to provide reliable performance to CAGI ADF 100 specifications while consuming the lowest amount of energy possible.

Microprocessor-based ultrapulse controllers are programmed to measure and respond to critical operating parameters and anticipate demand, which allows the RFC series dryer (200-650 scfm) to proactively encounter load changes and adjust operating cycle to avoid dew point spikes.

The Ultrapulse controller offers three modes of operation — Standard Mode with 38° F pressure dew point (pdp), Summer Mode with 45° F pdp, and Flex Mode, which was developed to address applications set at relative humidity levels vs. a set dew point. All prevent liquid condensation from forming in the piping system and provide increased energy savings.

Donaldson's DVF series dryer provides flow rates of 800 to 2000 scfm. This series modulates between 10% and 100% capacity, thereby increasing efficiency and reliability while reducing vibration during operation.

Donaldson dryers can be designed to any size — with pressure to 10,000 psig and volumes up to 50,000 scfm. The company's full line of products includes noncycling and cycling refrigerated dryers, heated and heatless regenerative desiccant dryers, industrial filters and separators, and process water chillers.

For more information, visit www.donaldson.com.