Coming Clean

H&P hosts Filtration & Contamination Control webcast

Hydraulics & Pneumatics will host its second webcast on March 2. The webcast, "Filtration and Contamination Control," will focus on five major areas for a comprehensive contamination control program.

The webcast will be presented by John G. Eleftherakis, vice president of technology for Fluid Technologies, a division of SPX Filtran. He was also director of the Fluid Power Research Center at Oklahoma State University (OSU) and has published more than 40 technical papers and two books on filtration, contamination control, and hydraulic valves.

He will present the ERASE program, a methodology to Exclude contaminant, Remove contaminant, Aanalyze contaminant, know the Sensitivity of your components, and Educate employees responsible for contamination control. Practical tips will also be provided.

"Achieving and maintaining a clean hydraulic or lubricating system has proven to be the number one means to maximizing uptime and minimizing unscheduled down time," Eleftherakis said. " Using a good filtration system is vital. Implementing a disciplined approach to keeping contaminant out and minimizing its generation will ensure a desired target cleanliness can be maintained."

Check our February issue or for the event time and registration details.