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Charge valve integrated with gear pump

The fluid power industry continues its trend of introducing products that integrate multiple functions into a single component. Among the latest of these is a joint effort that integrates an accumulator charge valve with a high-efficiency gear pump. MICO, Inc., North Mankato, Minn., announced collaborative effort with Haldex Hydraulics Corp., Stockholm, Sweden, to offer an integrated package containing an accumulator charge valve and gear pump. The package reduces the amount of plumbing and mounting hardware otherwise needed to install two separate components. This product is designed for vehicles that use a full power hydraulic brake system with power-off braking by storing energy in accumulators.

The Haldex gear pump is said to operate at an overall efficiency exceeding 90% across rated pressure and speed ranges. Known for its reliability and durability, the gear pump's simple design also makes it a more cost-effective solution than alternative types of pumps, according to MICO's Dave Ewell.

One of the most recent products to integrate multiple functions into a single component is an accumulator charge valve (left) joined with a gear pump (right).

The package greatly reduces the potential for leak paths by decreasing plumbing, which also makes the system easier and less time-intensive to incorporate into a system. Additional efficiency comes from the package's design feature that provides excess flow from the charge valve to operate steering, cooling, or implement functions.

The integrated accumulator charge valve and gear pump package comes with the option of single or dual accumulator ports with four charging rate options from 0.5 to 5 gpm. The unit displaces up to 1.4 in.3 with maximum continuous system pressures to 3000 psi.

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