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BOOK 2, Foreward

By Bud Trinkel, Certified Fluid Power Engineer

Edited by Mary Gannon and Richard Schneider, Hydraulics Pneumatics magazine.

This manual is intended for those who have a fair-to-good understanding of fluid power components and their symbols, but do not know how to arrange these valves in circuits.

This manual shows and explains most basic circuits in detail. Most explanations give advantages and disadvantages of the circuit design and discuss alternative ways of doing the same job. When applicable, information concerning reliability, dependability, availability, longevity, and safety is given.

As with all books on fluid power circuits, the information presented is based on the author’s experience and expertise. In circuit design there are few hard and fast rules. Giving six fluid power circuit designers a set of parameters results in six different schematics. All circuits would meet the specifications. Some designs would be highly efficient; some would run hot even with a heat exchanger; and some would just be different. Cost of the circuits would vary widely but the most expensive design would not always be best. Some designs would require constant maintenance while others would run trouble-free for the life of the machine.

The intent of this manual is to give information to circuit designers to help them come up with an efficient, long-life machine that is easy to maintain and less expensive to operate. It can also help the end user obtain enough knowledge about fluid power components and circuits to make an intelligent choice from the widely varying quotes they receive.

All information in this book is true and reliable to the best of my ability. All of the circuits in Section 23 are in daily use. Most of the circuits in the rest of the manual are in industry, some for many years. All of the circuits must be set up and operated by responsible persons who follow safety procedures applicable to the equipment used.

***Editor's Note: The fluid power industry lost an icon in 2009 when Bud Trinkel passed away, but we are glad to keep his work alive with his technical training manuals published as eBooks. Please see his obituary below, or read a tribute to him from H&P Editor Alan Hitchcox here. Edgar W. “Bud” Trinkel Jr., of Evansville, Ind., died suddenly on August 12. He was best known in the fluid power industry for his years spent working as a hydraulic pneumatic specialist in sales and later for starting his own consulting business, Hydra-Pneu Consulting. He wrote several books on fluid power, including Fluid Power Basics, Fluid Power Circuits Explained, and others to aid his training endeavors. They became so well-accepted that he began producing them as stand-alone books. As president of Hydra-Pneu, Trinkel designed fluid power circuits, provided training, and performed troubleshooting for industrial clients. Prior to founding Hydra-Pneu Consulting in 1984 as a part-time fluid power consulting firm — which became a full-time endeavor in 1988 — Trinkel worked as a technical sales and service representative for a fluid power distributor. Prior to that he served as a sales and service representative for Miller Fluid Power for 14 years. Earlier in his career he worked as an industrial designer in the plastics industry. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he is survived by his wife of 56 years, Sharon; son, Charles (Michelle); daughter, Julie Woodson (Russ); and six grandchildren.