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Air actuators provide lift

ContiTech Air Spring Systems’ tripleconvolution actuators are well-suited for applications involving high lifts.

ContiTech Air Spring Systems, Hannover, Germany, manufactures several models of air actuators for industrial pneumatic systems. These dimensionally stable elements are comparable to an air spring. They provide extreme force for lifting or exerting pressure where little space is available for installation.

The FS 40-06 air actuator is ideal for short quick lifts. The FD 120-20 doubleconvolution actuator works like a double lifting cylinder and can lift masses up to 1 ton. For larger applications, the FT 210-32 triple-convolution actuator ensures uniform pressing force of the power collector on the overhead line for rail vehicles— regardless of weather conditions.

Because air actuators function without mechanically operated parts such as pistons, rods and friction seals, they are not subject to wear and deformation and require no maintenance. This gives them an edge over conventional cylinders, so they are often used where harsh conditions usually prevail, such as applications involving heavy caking and soiling of external surfaces.

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