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13's a lucky number

Industrial, motion, drive and automation exhibits top the list at this year’s Hannover Fair.

Hannover Messe will once again take over the fairgrounds at Hannover, Germany, April 4 to 8, comprising 13 flagship trade fairs under the banner of Smart Efficiency. Exhibiting companies will be presenting intelligent solutions aimed at cutting costs, optimizing process efficiency, and conserving resources at every stage of the production chain. Users and suppliers of fluid power components and systems can be found in several of the shows, including the Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA) and Industrial Automation shows.

Power transmission at its best
MDA is perhaps the largest trade fair for power transmission and control, which takes place once every two years as part of Hannover. It showcases the latest innovations in hydraulics and pneumatics as well as the complete spectrum of electrical and mechanical power transmission and control technologies. The headline themes for 2011 are Energy Efficiency, Lifecycle Management, and Condition Monitoring Systems. A new trade fair, Mobiltec, completes the lineup in Hall 25. More examples of power transmission and control technology can be seen at Industrial Automation and Wind. More than 1300 manufacturers of pumps, cylinders, filters, hoses, seals, gears and transmissions, roller bearings, electric motors, and many other components used in power transmission systems will be exhibiting in Hannover this year.

On the pneumatics side, ComVac presents compressed air and vacuum technology in a variety of manufacturing processes that showcase compressed air and vacuum technologies for energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions that keep companies competitive in today’s global markets. ComVac presents the latest trends and developments in generation, treatment and distribution, as well as specific applications in machinery and systems. Located in the northern part of Hall 26, the ComVac Eco Park serves as the central source of information on all aspects of compressed air and vacuum technology. The ComVac Eco Park is a joint pilot project initiated by Deutsche Messe AG and the German Engineering Federation.

Industrial automation takes the helm
For years, Industrial Automation has ranked as the leading flagship fair for process automation, factory automaton, and related systems. It showcases all the relevant areas of industrial automation, from production and process automation to universal automation technologies. In 2011, the process automation section of the show is moving to Hall 11, next to the energy-related sections. The focus will be on sector-specific solutions for such industries as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food, plus the metalworking sector, the automotive industry, the energy industry, and electrical engineering.

The production automation section will present a wide array of integrated automation solutions and innovations in mechanical engineering and electric power transmission and control. Also featured at Industrial Automation are information and communication technologies. These include industrial communications as well as automation-related IT hardware and software. A special display, Robotics & Automation will demonstrate mobile robotics for industrial production, public undertakings and the service industry.

Devoted to energy efficiency
As the world’s largest international trade show for energy technologies, Energy showcases the mix of the future and covers both conventional and renewable energy generating technologies. Energy and its three companion trade shows — Power Plant Technology, Wind, and MobiliTec — document the complete energy cycle, from generation, supply, transmission and distribution to transformation and storage. Energy will focus on smart grids, buildings, metering, superconductors, and hydrogen and fuel cells.

Power Plant Technology highlights power plant design, systems, operation and maintenance. Located in Hall 27 in 2011, this show is an important platform for innovations in power plant engineering, whether fired by coal, gas, oil, water, or steam. In the future, it will be staged in tandem with Wind, thereby taking place in odd-numbered years.

Wind showcases wind generation technology, components, and services. It premiered in 2009 and takes place every other year.

Meeting place for other industries
In addition to the shows highlighting fluid power technology, there are several other shows that help engineers focus on efficiency, including:
• Mobiltec, the Trade Fair for Hybrid and Electric Powertrain Technologies, Mobile Energy Storage and Alternative Mobility Solutions,
• Digital Factory, for Integrated Processes and IT Solutions,
• Industrial Supply, which features displays focusing on the more efficient use of materials and resources and lightweight construction,
• CoilTechnica, which showcases technologies for the manufacture of coils, electric motors, generators and transformers,
• SurfaceTechnology, which covers the complete spectrum from pre-treatment, cleaning, painting and electroplating technology to plasma technology and nanotechnology, and
• MicroNanoTec, which presents the complete spectrum of applied microsystems technology, nanotechnology and laser technology for micro-materials processing.

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