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Pressure switch compensates for temperature

Pressure switch compensates for temperature

Pressure switches are widely used in hydraulic systems to control machine sequences and for safety. However, when machines first start up, cold fluid can be more viscous, causing high-pressure differentials that lead to nuisance tripping of pressure switches.

Euroswitch SrL, Sale Marasino, Italy, introduced its Model 700 pressure-switch thermostat, which is designed for use in industrial and mobile hydraulic circuits to prevent false low-temperature alarms that often occur during start-up of hydraulic machinery. It consists of an adjustable diaphragm pressure switch with normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) contacts and a fixed-setting bimetal thermostat with NO or NC contact, respectively, in series with the pressure switch. The device is intended to simultaneously monitor the temperature and pressure of a fluid and provide a switching signal at a preset value.

Euroswitch developed the device after recognizing many existing pressure thermostats were slow to respond when a set temperature threshold was reached, causing a delay in the closing or opening of the first electric switch or low sensitivity to temperature changes. The M700 is said to avoid these shortcomings by responding quickly and with high sensitivity to changes in the temperature of the fluid.

The device is intended for use in industrial machines, off-highway equipment, and in filtration systems for hydraulics and lubricants.

For more information, contact Euroswitch at [email protected] or visit

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