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PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management a behindthefirewall application enables engineers to download parts from more than 600 digital catalogs of manufacturercertified components It now includes SAE MOBILUSmdasha catalog containing SAE Aerospace Standard 3D models
<p>PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management, a behind-the-firewall application, enables engineers to download parts from more than 600 digital catalogs of manufacturer-certified components. It now includes SAE MOBILUS&mdash;a catalog containing SAE Aerospace Standard 3D models.</p>

Partnership Delivers Aerospace-Standard CAD-Model Catalog

CADENAS PARTsolutions teamed up with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to produce the SAE MOBILUS digital catalog, which offers an array of Aerospace Standard (AS) computer-aided-design (CAD) models . The new catalog is available online through the SAE standards library. It represents the latest addition to the PARTsolutions Strategic Parts Management software, which includes 600 other catalogs of manufacturer-certified digital components for download and direct configuration into existing designs.

The SAE MOBILUS catalog features parts in more than 150 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats. It works as a standalone system or in tandem with all product-lifecycle-management (PLM) and enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) platforms.

The platform’s built-in search function enables engineers to compare the geometry and metadata of individual parts. Parts are also searchable by geometry, topology, text, sketch, color, and other characteristics. Furthermore, the catalog can be navigated without internet connection.

"By partnering with CADENAS PARTsolutions, SAE is able to bring the aerospace industry a solution to reduce design cycle times and ensure quality and consistency, thereby generating savings in both time and money," says Michael Thompson, Director of Aerospace - Electronic Publications.

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