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Hydraulic Piston Rod Lock

Hydraulic Piston Rod Lock

Bear-Loc is a locking device that can be used in systems that require infinite position locking, zero backlash, and high stiffness.


Bear-Loc is a simple, reliable locking device that can be used where infinite position locking, zero backlash, and high system stiffness are required. Bear-Loc has a patented design based on the principle of elastic expansion of metal under pressure. The Bear-Loc can be supplied with a hydraulic cylinder or used with existing cylinders. The locking section is comprised of a rod and liners enclosed in a sleeve that forms an interference fit with the outside diameter of the rod. This interference provides a positive mechanical connection to lock the rod in any phase of the stroke. As soon as hydraulic pressure is applied, the sleeve expands radially, removing the interference and creating enough clearance for the rod to be stroked with minimal resistance. Relieving hydraulic pressure automatically re-engages the rod lock. It comes in standard sizes with rod diameters from 1 to 25 in., sleeve lengths from 1 in. to 7 ft., and locking capacities to 4 million lb.

For more information, call York Precision Machining & Hydraulics, York, Pa., at (717) 764-8855, or visit its site.

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