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Forklift Scale Leverages Hydraulic-Pressure Sensor to Weigh Loads

Forklift Scale Leverages Hydraulic-Pressure Sensor to Weigh Loads

PRECISE Hi-Accuracy Forklift Scales, claimed by developer  Keytroller to be among the most accurate hydraulic scales on the market, are controlled using a color LCD touchscreen powered (at 12 V dc) via the forklift vehicle. The operator can activate the weighing scale by lifting load to the height of a magnetic sensor.

The electronic manifold bypass module leverages a proportional solenoid valve along with a flow restrictor and hydraulic-pressure sensor to measure hydraulic pressure as oil flows past a pressure transducer.  The sensor collects hundreds of pressure readings and filters out high and low pressure deviations to eliminate errors within 0.2% of the actual load.

Available at approximately half the cost of other competing scales, the array of forklift-scale models can handle loads under and above 10,000 lbs. They are water-resistant and designed to withstand tough, abusive applications. Watch the video below for a full rundown of PRECISE’s capabilities: 

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