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Bellows grippers

Bellows grippers

The DHEB Series bellows grippers safely and gently handle fragile workpieces for electronic and light-assembly applications. They expand in diameter when actuated by an integral pneumatically driven piston to securely grip a workpiece’s interior surface. When the air-supply port is pressurized, an internal piston draws a wedge up or down within a rubber bellow, causing it to deform outwards to conform to the interior contour of the workpiece.

Two versions are available: one uses an upward piston stroke to deform and expand the bellows, the other uses a downward stroke. The grippers are available with 11 choices of contiguous bellow sizes ranging from 0.315 to 2.48 in. Depending on friction and workpiece shape, the largest grippers can accommodate workpiece weights as high as 114 lb.

Festo Corp., (800) 993-3786

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